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Guidance and Counseling

Contact Guidance

Director of Learning Resources
Leslie Folz
214 339 6561 x4056

Director of Guidance and Counseling (Interim)
Mr. Walter Johnson
214 339 6561 x4506


Please email Mr. Johnson, to refer yourself or another Bishop Dunne student to the guidance department. Please include:

  • Student's name
  • Grade level (if known)
  • As much detail as you can about why you are referring yourself or someone else to the guidance department

If you believe you or another person is in immediate danger to yourself/themselves or others, please contact 911 for emergency mental health help. Alternatively, you can use these free, effective services:

suicide prevention lifeline

800 273 8255 (TALK)

crisis text line

 Text HOME to 741741

the trevor project 

866 488 7386

teen suicide prevention

800 273 8255






college counseling

For all things college, visit our College Guidance page or contact Mrs. Marchiony or Mr. Johnson


transcript requests

Former Students

Please email Mr. Johnson to request a transcript.

Current Students

Please see Mr. Johnson to request a transcript.

You may also use SCOIR to have transcripts directly sent to participating colleges and universities. Use Mrs. Marchiony or Mr. Johnson, as your contact person for online requests for transcripts.