Bishop Dunne Digital

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Offered to middle school students - grades 6, 7 and 8

Bishop Dunne Digital middle school offers the Catholic preparatory school experience online. It closes the gap between in-person classrooms and online school by delivering quality education through real-time, synchronous learning. As part of Bishop Dunne Catholic School, it provides a full Catholic school academic experience. Students will be engaged in a challenging curriculum designed to prepare students for high school, college and life. Students and families are supported by a community of teachers and other families that are connected by a strong focus on long-term success. Our live Catholic preparatory school experience will ensure your child is ready to succeed in high school and beyond.

The time to apply is now!

Application deadline is August 25, 2020.

Students are given the freedom to explore their passions in Bishop Dunne's Catholic-based, yet inclusive, ministry program. The theology department is dedicated to the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of the student. Bishop Dunne Digital provides an important opportunity for students to develop an understanding of his or her personal and spiritual relationship with God.

We strive to ensure that every student will have the skills necessary for success after graduation. Students who start preparing in middle school are better equipped to take AP classes in high school and develop essential studying strategies to achieve academic success, while maintaining a healthy school/life balance. Bishop Dunne Digital offers a variety of classes, and enrichment programs to allow student to explore their interests and prepare for college.

Bishop Dunne Digital bridges the gap between the in-person classroom setting and online learning by providing students with detailed instruction with real-time teachers. Students will be placed in the right classes to have their academic needs met and reach their full potential. Parents can rest assured their children will be prepared for high school and beyond.

The great diversity of the Bishop Dunne community reflects today's America. Our student body encompasses a wide range of races, ethnicities, cultures and socioeconomic status. Placing students in appropriate classes challenges them to understand and appreciate different learning styles and encourages proactive participation in their education.

Why Families Choose Catholic Prep Schools


"Unlike my friends at other schools, I never had to step into the teacher's role. Dunne's digital platform supports at-home instruction delivered by certified educators."

6th grade parent

"I was pleased to see that virtual assignments included important skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication, independent learning and technology literacy."

8th grade parent

Now taking applications for Fall 2020

Deadline to apply:  August 15, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 and Parents

With the current climate, we understand that parents may feel overwhelmed with all the tasks they have to juggle. We want parents to be able to rely on teachers to provide their child with quality education that will help them reach their career goals while providing a Catholic school experience. Bishop Dunne Digital ensures every student is equipped with all the tools necessary to achieve academic success and become independent learners.