The Bishop Dunne Difference

Bishop Dunne Catholic School has been in a position of strength for many years and our accomplishments are vital to Catholic education and the Dallas community.

As a Catholic school, Bishop Dunne promotes social justice and service to others while stressing 21st century critical thinking skills.

What Is the Bishop Dunne Difference?

College Prep Curriculum

Bishop Dunne offers an outstanding and rigorous college preparatory program with full technology integration. Our program successfully prepares students for college and career success while developing skills in critical thinking, writing, research, leadership, and problem solving. Virtually 100% of our students attend college, having earned millions of dollars in merit college scholarships each year.

While expectations are high, Bishop Dunne maintains an extensive support program to nurture and encourage students and reinforce skills and content. All teachers are available for tutoring, and an extensive Learning Resource Center guides students with learning differences.

Inclusive Community

The classrooms and hallways of Bishop Dunne are inclusive and safe. The great diversity of the Bishop Dunne community reflects modern America: our student body encompasses a wide range of ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status.

Bishop Dunne's unique challenge is to provide an accelerated curriculum of advanced and college level classes while also supporting students with differentiated learning styles that encourages them to challenge themselves more fully, and be pro-active participants in the education process.

Encouraging Exploration

With their faith as their compass, Bishop Dunne students explore curriculum beyond classroom walls with field work, collection and analysis of data, national and international trips, mission work, museum visits, college course integration, and a lecture series with famous authors, poets, scientists, conservationists, artists, and community activists.

The 7 Year Advantage

Bishop Dunne is the only Catholic school in Dallas and Fort Worth that offers a 6th through 12th grade academic program. This "seven year advantage" allows students to begin their high school career while still in the middle school by offering them the possibility of taking accelerated and college level classes.

Attending the Bishop Dunne Middle School is a proven method of giving students an advantage in their education:

  • In each of the past four years, the majority of the top ten students in the graduating class attended the Bishop Dunne Middle School;
  • Over the past three years, students who have attended the Bishop Dunne Middle School have raised over $11 million in college scholarships;
  • Bishop Dunne graduates who attended the Middle School are now studying at places such as Harvard, Stanford, SMU, Georgetown, and BYU;
  • Bishop Dunne graduates who attended the Middle School take an average of 10 Advanced Placement courses;
  • Bishop Dunne graduates who attended the Middle School have an average ACT score of 28;
  • Bishop Dunne Middle School students have higher ITBS scores, fewer academic deficiencies, and a greater presence on the honor roll.

Faith Centered Campus

The theology department is dedicated to the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of the student. Bishop Dunne theology teachers work with each student to develop an understanding of his or her personal and spiritual relationship with God, fostering the need to nurture this relationship into a mature and socially responsible lifestyle as adults.

Faith also serves as the foundation for our service to the community. Every month, Campus Ministry organizes at least one service project in which students are encouraged to participate. Many students also choose to serve in weekly Masses as servers, readers, Communion ministers, and ushers.

The Scholar Athlete

Bishop Dunne has set a standard of excellence in the Falcon athletic program by encouraging students to balance the role of being a successful student in the classroom while also excelling as an athlete.

Over the past several years Bishop Dunne has produced many graduates who have earned athletic scholarships at national colleges and universities such as Brigham Young University, Cornell University, The United States Air Force Academy, University of Arkansas, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of Oklahoma, University of California-Berkeley, Oklahoma State University, SMU, Yale University, and many more.