Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry 2020 Peer Ministry Videos

This year, our three peer ministers each created a video with pastoral advice during the time of quarantine.  Please enjoy the insight and creativity displayed through their videos.

Luke Durmon, class of 2020, on Franciscan prayer and history of St. Francis.

Play Luke's video

Jonathan Cantu, class of 2020, speaks to growing spiritually with families during COVID-19 quarantine.

Play Jonathan's video

Jaihan Utailawon, class of 2020, on combatting boredom during the pandemic.

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About Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is an organization at Bishop Dunne designed to help students, faculty, and the whole community on their faith journey toward the final goal of sainthood with our Lord in heaven.  Campus Ministry assists our parents’ spiritual leadership of their children by serving as a supporting voice of truth, love, and mercy, reflecting the very qualities of Jesus Christ. We are proud of our Catholic identity and heritage and joyfully promote the truths, moral teachings, traditions, and wisdom of the Catholic faith.  We also have a missionary zeal to evangelize the gospel message to all who desire to hear it. Campus Ministry embraces people of all faith backgrounds with love and compassion according to the example of our savior Jesus Christ.

Students can grow in their faith in many ways at Bishop Dunne.

  • Masses are held every week at the school, and students attend on a biweekly basis (grades 6-9 and 10-12 alternate masses each week).  The holy sacrifice of the mass is the central form of worship not just for our school but for the entire Catholic Church, where receive Christ in the Eucharist to aid and sanctify us on our life’s journey back to Him.  Students may, with proper training and qualifications, serve as altar servers, lectors, gift bearers, choir members, and even extraordinary ministers of holy communion in masses.
  • We begin every school day with a specially written daily prayer (often written by Campus Ministry faculty).  This prayer is often a meditation on the gospel of the day and our morning offering. Every month we focus on a new prayer to learn and memorize to add to our spiritual arsenal.  Student volunteers read each morning prayer aloud using the school’s audio broadcast system.
  • Every year students get to attend a retreat.  Each year’s retreat is themed according to the needs of their stage of personal, social, and spiritual development.  Retreats always occur off campus and have a single spiritual theme. The goal of each retreat is to grow closer to God and to one another.  Upper school students have the opportunity to apply to be student retreat leaders, often leading small groups of students in discussion. Five of our seven retreats are day-long retreats occurring during a school day.  Our junior retreat is an overnight retreat, and our senior retreat is a three-day retreat modeled after the Kairos program.
  • Every year the school hosts at least three different prayer services for special occasions: Thanksgiving, Advent, and Lent.  These prayer services are held in the gym with the entire school community, allowing everyone the chance to embrace the spirituality of each special season in the Church year.
  • Peer Ministry is a special course offered only to seniors and juniors.  The goal of the course is to form student spiritual leaders who are well versed in the nuances of modern ministry.  Peer ministers assist in setting up masses and prayer services as well as leading specific class retreats. They design one special event called a Practicum Project each year to share their talents with the community to grow in relationship with Christ.
  • Each year Campus Ministry partners with Holy Spirit Catholic Church to send a number of students on the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. This special rally and march is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their beliefs in the public forum and to stand up for the rights of the innocent children killed by abortion.  The trip is open to all high school students and lasts for four days in January.
  • On Wednesdays (excluding the first Wednesday of the month) Campus Ministry hosts a special one-hour event called Pray and Play.  This event is designed to be a brief mid-week encounter with God’s word through Scripture reading and discussion. After 30 minutes of reflecting on a Bible passage, students enjoy 30 minutes of lighthearted recreation on the small field.  All students are welcome to attend these events.
  • Once every three years, Campus Ministry hosts an international pilgrimage.  This trip, open to all high school students, is designed to help students see the beautiful roots of our Catholic faith and to encounter Christ through the powerful and awe-inspiring history of the faith.  This year, over spring break, our pilgrimage will go to Paris, Rome, and Assisi. In 2016 we went to Rome, Assisi, and Florence. 
  • Every day at the end of the school day (3:10 p.m.) we pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the chapel.  This is an optional communal prayer and a wonderful way to conclude the day by asking for God’s mercy to be upon us and on the whole world.  Everyone is welcome to attend the Divine Mercy Chaplet which lasts about ten minutes.