Campus Ministry

The theology department is dedicated to the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of the student.

Every month, the school community gathers to celebrate Mass. Bishop Dunne theology teachers work with each student to foster an understanding of his or her personal and spiritual relationship with God, and the need to nurture this relationship into a mature and socially responsible lifestyle as adults.

Faith also serves as the foundation for our service to the community. Every month, Campus Ministry organizes at least one service project in which students are encouraged to participate. Many students also choose to serve in weekly Masses as servers, readers, Communion ministers, and ushers.

Embracing Diverse Faiths
Although Bishop Dunne is a Catholic school, we recognize that our students share a diversity of racial, economic, and religious backgrounds. Our goal is to nurture in all students an understanding of their personal faith as well as to embrace this diversity. And so, while Catholic principles guide our teaching, we welcome students from all faith backgrounds and encourage them to share and explore their own beliefs.