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Can There Be Too Much Connectivity Between Parents & Children?

Below is an article our principal, Ms. Marchiony, shared with me. As a parent of elementary-aged kiddos, I find navigating and setting boundaries for tech is like going through a mirror maze in a fun house. Some things seem out of proportion. Other times, I should pay more attention before we hit a wall. Overall, it's unnerving and unending to know when to stop and when to take action.

Luckily, in this role, I get to watch our students, learn from our parents, and research [and overthink] these things before my kids get to middle and high school. It's articles like this one that give me food for thought in this this area. Click on the article information below to read. (It's a quick read.)

Lynch, M. (2019, January 14). Can There Be Too Much Connectivity Between Parents and Children?. The Tech Advocate. Retrieved from

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