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Advanced Placement at Bishop Dunne

The Advanced Placement program at Bishop Dunne offers college level curriculum and testing to high school students through the College Board.

All Advanced Placement courses have been approved by the College Board through the Advanced Placement audit. Curriculum and exams are created by a panel of experts through the College Board and are graded by experts in each subject. Several Bishop Dunne teachers have been selected as readers for the Advanced Placement exams.

In Advanced Placement courses, students become acquainted with college level skills. Studies have shown that even if a student does not earn credit from the Advanced Placement exam, those who take Advanced Placement classes are more successful in college. At Bishop Dunne, we ensure students are prepared for success in college, and the availability of Advanced Placement courses is an important component in helping students understand college expectations.

Students may earn college credit based on their score on the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year, saving on college tuition and allowing them to finish college early. They may also take more electives and add a minor or second major while in college.

Visit the student or parent community login pages for current information on the recommendation process for advanced classes.