Online Education Programs

Online Education Program

The Bishop Dunne Online Education Program (OEP) is a full time middle and high school program offering both accelerated learning and credit redemption classes online from anywhere a student has computer access. The OEP accommodates a wide variety of learning styles and student needs and develops and provides classes that enhance the learning process through the use of technology. Support services are not only for credit recovery but also for assistance to the homebound student or the student with special needs, as well as giving opportunities for accelerated learning. The OEP responds to various interests, aspirations, and capabilities of Bishop Dunne students while encouraging them to develop into free-thinking, independent learners.

The mission of the OEP team is to provide online courses through a variety of delivery methods that complement the traditional Bishop Dunne curricula while focusing on individualized attention and student success. Driven by student success, the OEP's primary goal is to allow students and educators access to technology tools that encourage critical thinking skills in an ever changing global community.

Proven: The OEP has been in service since 2007 and served more than 1,200 students.

Engaging: The OEP offers both accelerated and credit redemption classes that challenge students to excel with an enhanced college-style online environment and an emphasis on writing, discussion, and argumentation.

Individualized: The OEP offers each student an individualized plan for success. Teachers work with each student to develop skills designed to make a successful college transition.

The OEP offers both accelerated and credit recovery classes that challenge students to excel in an enhanced college-style environment. Class access is available at all times of day from virtually anywhere in the world. The OEP uses several online formats to provide class material and instruction. Students can expect live web conferencing, YouTube video lectures, engaging multimedia presentations, and interactive student discussions. Our online teachers provide prompt feedback to all questions and submitted assignments.

Credit recovery classes include:

  • English I, English II, English III, English IV, and Speech;
  • Algebra I, Geometry: Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus;
  • World Geography; World History, U.S. History, and Government;
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science;
  • Spanish I, II, and III;
  • French I, II, and III;
  • Theology I, Theology II, Theology III, and Theology IV;
  • ACT/PSAT Prep;
  • Health
  • Middle School English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion.

Accelerated classes include:

Economics; and

Registration is now open for the winter break Mini-Term and Spring Semester.

Mini-Term Registration

Spring Term Registration

Spring Term is reserved for Seniors. All other students must receive special approval. Contact Mr. Hill Copeland for additional information.