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Campus Ministry is an organization at Bishop Dunne designed to guide students, faculty, and the whole community on their faith journey toward the final goal of sainthood with our Lord in heaven. Campus Ministry supports our parents’ spiritual leadership through providing a voice of truth, love, and mercy, reflecting the very qualities of Jesus Christ. We are proud of our Catholic identity, heritage and faith. Campus Ministry embraces people of all faith backgrounds with love and compassion.


About Campus Ministry

Masses are held every week, and students attend on a bi-weekly basis (grades 6-9 and 10-12 alternate masses each week).  The holy sacrifice of the mass is the central form of worship, where we receive Christ in the Eucharist to aid and sanctify us on our life’s journey back to Him.  Students may serve as altar servers, lectors, musicians, ushers and even extraordinary ministers of holy communion in masses.

We rehearse weekly in a time of fellowship and worship to learn and prepare our mass music

We begin every school day with a specially written daily meditation, our morning offering and monthly prayer focus.  Our morning prayer is designed to inspire and guide our community of worship in ways that combine social action and worship. If you are interested in being a morning prayer reader, sign up here. 

Students will attend an off-campus spiritual retreat every year they are at Dunne.  Retreats are themed according to the needs of their stage of personal, social, and spiritual development and include meaningful recreation, worship, craft and learning. The goal is to grow closer to God and to one another. Upper school students can apply to be student retreat leaders, leading small groups of students in discussion. Junior and Senior retreats are multi-day destination retreat events. Our junior retreat coincides with the Junior Ring Mass in which students receive their rings in a special mass designed to honor their rite of passage as Junior and inspire them as they approach their Senior year in faith and service.  Our senior retreat is built on the Karios program of spiritual retreat and is always the most-anticipated retreat of our students.

Bishop Dunne hosts at least three different prayer services for special occasions: Thanksgiving, Advent, and Lent.  Prayer services are held in the gym with the entire school community and are meant to direct our hearts in worship and prayer according to the season of worship.

Peer Ministry is a special course offered only to seniors and juniors.  The course helps form student spiritual leaders who are well versed in the nuances of modern ministry.  Peer ministers assist in setting up masses and prayer services as well as leading specific class retreats. 

In February, Campus Ministry takes a group of students grades 9-12 to the Frisco Convention Center where they participate in the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference.  This exciting weekend of prayer, community, and worship gathers high school teens from throughout the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and beyond to deepen their walk of faith.

During the Lenten season, Campus Ministry leads the Bishop Dunne community in group penance, abstinence, fasting, almsgiving and devotion in preparation for the Easter Season.  We pray the Stations of the Cross every Friday after school and participate in the Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl program.

Once every three years, Campus Ministry hosts an international pilgrimage.  This trip, open to all high school students, teaches students about the roots and history of our Catholic faith.


Campus Ministry Club

Mission Statement: The Campus Ministry Club helps all students within their prospective organizations to come to know God, love God, and serve God and His creation.

Age/Grade Level: open to all grades

Students are invited to be members of the Campus Ministry club and Officer Delegates are elected to each of the other Organizational Clubs on campus.  Each Campus Ministry officer within their prospective organizations helps to design relevant initiatives with the oversight of the individual Faculty Club Sponsor and the Director of Campus Ministry.  In this way, Campus Ministry helps to unite all extra-curricular clubs to nourish the spiritual needs of each unique student community.

Community project: We host four practicum service projects a year run by our peer ministers to serve different spiritual needs on campus.